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How To Install Smart Tiles | Tips and Tricks

Choose the Correct Surface

The ideal wall surface to install smart tiles on is painted drywall. Do not install on Plywood, Brick, or unpainted drywall - Smart Tiles can fall off these surfaces over time. A back-splash that peels off over time is not the outcome we're looking for.


Prepare your Wall

Clean your wall with a Heavy-Duty Cleaner & Degreaser Solution (TSP). Allow the wall to completely dry before installing smart tiles.


Mark your Guidelines

Use a chalk line and level to snap a guideline across your wall. your countertop as it may not be straight, which would result in an un-level back-splash.


Measure and Cut

Use a metal ruler with a cork back to draw your cut lines - The cork back ensures the ruler stays in place and lines are accurate and straight. Also use a Carpenters knife to measure and cut tiles.


Start in a Corner

Start your backsplash in the "L" shaped corner of your kitchen. This ensures you start your back-splash on;a straight cut and that it's in the least visible part of your kitchen.


Peel and Stick

Peel the backing off the smart tiles and place on surface. Place a light pressure on the tile to ensure it's in place.